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About fungyy NFT Minter

Polygon & Elrond Blockchains : We mint all your NFTs on the polygon or Elrond blockchain, keeping them secure and free to transfer.

IPFS : We store all your assets on IPFS, securing NFTs from rug pulls.

fungyy NFT Minter : We send all the NFTs to your customers via Email, reducing friction of NFT adoption.

fungi NFT Minter by Combased

fungyy NFT Minter by Combased

  • Create and Sell NFTs directly from your shopify store
  • fungyy NFT allows you to create NFTs and Publish it to your shopify store as a product
  • We send your customers NFTs via Email, no prior crypto setup required
  • We store all NFT data on IPFS which protects your NFT from various points of failure :)
  • fungyy NFT makes creating NFTs pretty simple in fact your just 2 clicks away from creating your fist ... so go get clicking!!
  • This app is part of Combased brand, specialising in blockchain innovations and e-commerce sollutions.


  • Contract: A contract (smart contract) is a program that runs on the blockchain. Its code and data reside at a specific address on the blockchain.
  • NFT: NFTs are tokens powered by smart contracts which handle the transferability and verify the ownership of the tokens.

How does the creation process look like ?

  • Click Contracts, then hit create contract, fill in the details, the NFT template is editable to accommodate various fields that your NFT might need eg: speed/color (think trading cards).
  • Contracts take some time to deploy on the blockchain, (avg: 10-20 mins)
  • After the Contract is created its status will go to minted
  • Now just hit publish to add this as a product in your store

How does the buyer claim process look like?

  • When a buyer, purchases the NFT from your store, they will receive a Claim email
  • This email will guide the buyer on how to claim the purchased the NFT
  • This email guide simply takes the buyer to a page where they need to connect their crypto wallet on which to receive the NFT
  • If the buyer has no crypto wallet the page links to a tutorial of how to set one up
  • the buyer need not worry as they can take as much time required to finish the above claim process


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February 24, 2022
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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