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About Fundiin – Buy Now Pay Later

Benefits for end - comsumers : always 0% interest if pay on time shopping easily No need to save or to wait for salary Fast & easy Complete in 30 seconds

Benefits for retailers : Referral traffic Increase conversation Increase AOV Competitive Advantage No risk

Payment Cash Flow : Retailer receives payment after commission, upfront at no risk, following reconciliation and payment schedule


What is Fundiin?

*Note: Consumers using Fundiin must be Vietnamese citizens, over 18 years old and own phone numbers of 3 operators Vinaphone, Viettel, MobiFone.

Benefits of using Fundiin

Currently, Fundiin is more and more widely known and chosen by many smart consumers to shop. Following are the best known advantages of Fundiin.

  1. For consumers

    • Quick procedure, documents are automatically approved after 30 seconds.
    • Applied to many products from cosmetics, watches, courses,...
    • Applicable even to small value products
    • No interest in 3 payment periods
    • No extra charges
    • No need to use a credit card
    • Flexible payment methods: domestic ATM, Visa/MasterCard or bank transfer.
  2. For shop owners/shop owners

    • Increase new customer files from users
    • Helps increase the store's conversion rate from cold customers to hot customers, contributing to increased revenue for the system.
      • Improve the quality of order value, when using Fundiin buy now and pay later, consumers can buy many products at the same time.
      • Many forms of payment help the store increase its competitive advantage much more than competitors.
      • Shop owner / shop owner will avoid the risks related to payment problems, all payment problems of customers will be responsible by Fundiin, Fundiin will represent customers to pay the entire amount. order value.
      • Catch up with international retail trends with Buy now pay later.

Overall, Fundiin gives both consumers and shop owners a lot of great value. Most importantly, Fundiin saves all of its customers a lot of time and at the same time improves the quality of their orders, bringing parallel benefits to both buyers and sellers.

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June 28, 2022
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