Shopify App : Fulfillment Hero

Your all in one warehouse, inventory and fulfillment app!

About Fulfillment Hero

Pick multiple orders at once : Map out your warehouse and Fulfillment Hero will let you or your staff pick multiple orders simultaneously by warehouse location.

Track real world inventory : Never sell a sold out item! Fulfillment hero keeps track when an item is running low and requests a count when picked to ensure accurate #s.

Connect with carriers : Connect with your carrier through Unifaun/nShift and automatically generate labels with electronically signed customs declarations.

Unifaun nShift
Your personal fulfillment center

Run your personal fulfillment center

Created by store owners for store owners. Fulfillment Hero will help you maintain correct inventory counts, make order picking faster, reduce wrong picks by organising your warehouse and enable you to connect with third party shipping integrations and easily print shipping labels.

What you can do with Fulfillment Hero

  • Pick multiple orders simultaneously
  • Map out your warehouse and pick orders efficiently
  • Connect multiple Shopify stores to your single warehouse
  • Add staff accounts with customised limited access
  • Generate, print and scan QR codes for all warehouse positions
  • Scan product barcodes when packing the order
  • Take control of your inventory - if an item runs low a count will be requested
  • Connect with your carrier(s) API's and automatically print labels
  • Map out shipping methods between Shopify and your 3rd party carrier(s)
  • Add a digital signature to customs declarations.
  • Control on order splitting, blocking items, blocking orders

Connect third party carriers

Connect with Unifaun / nShift and from there to Postnord, DHL and many more. If you join in and are using another 3rd party carrier - contact us and we will happily build an integration! Carriers are added when requested.

Usage without third party carriers

It is not required to use a third party carrier! Use the app to make your order picking process faster, and fulfill your orders through Shopify just as you did before, for example buying your shipping through Shopify.

Add staff accounts

Setup multiple staff accounts with limited access using email/password sign in. Fulfillment Hero keeps tracks on which staff member is fulfilling which orders!

Connect multiple stores

Fulfilling multiple Shopify stores from the same location? Connect all of them to Fulfillment Hero and map out all products to your single warehouse. Each store can be individually controlled on policies such as how to deal with orders where one product is sold out, shipping methods etc.

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Launch date
March 21, 2022

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