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Story content from customers to grow store traffic and sales!

About Frills ‑ Social e‑commerce app

Customers create content : Drive organic traffic to your store from satisfied customers WITHOUT spending money on ads and paid influencers.

Campaigns generate leads : Campaigns bring new customers to you. Customers then buy (and promote) your product.

Referral purchases & loyalty : Customers act as micro-influencers, driving more traffic to your store. After they buy, they share your product and make it go VIRAL.

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1 All-in-one Social E-commerce platform for your Shopify store.

  • After a customer makes a purchase, they receive an email and SMS linking to the social story campaign.
  • Customers add content for your brand with our FB Messenger bot.
  • Customers get rewards for sharing the content of your product.
  • These posts drive traffic to your store. (Making good products go viral)
  • Customers get incentives for referring new leads. Driving brand value and repeat purchases. (It’s a viral loop!)
  • Merchant Shopify dashboard enables you to manage the whole campaign in one place. You can moderate content, issue badges, and analyze data.
  • 7 data charts show revenue generated by FRILLS, checkouts, top influencing customers, lead emails and phone numbers, and traffic activity.
  • All features are free forever.
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Launch date
July 29, 2020

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