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About FreshCredit ‑ Store Credit

No discount codes : No more all or nothing discount codes to block your customers checkout. This is real store credit, stored in cash on their account.

Complete History : FreshCredit records all transactions and keeps an accurate balance for all of your customers.

Fully Customizable : Install the app, customize the look, add some credit and you're done. Customers follow the existing checkout process with no interruptions.


What is FreshCredit by ByteStand?

FreshCredit is store credit for Shopify. Up until now shop owners had to navigate a complex maze of coupons, points and one time use codes. Simplify that mess with something that everyone understands, cash. Now returns don't have to be lost revenue, but instead a potential for future sales. Encourage shoppers to return to your store with their credit in tow.


Store credit is a right not a privilege, and we've arrived to spread store credit throughout the land.

How does it look?

FreshCredit is fully customizable, not only text, colors, shapes and sizes but we even include your customer's name on all our pop-ups. You can also change the name of their credit at checkout, so this week it could be "Dave's Fantastic Two For One Credit" and next week it could be "Your Mom's Favorite Credit", whatever your marketing mind can dream up, we can handle.

How does it work?

Our app is embedded in the admin section of your store, works through Shopify, and if you type fast, can be setup in less than one minute. On install we pull all of your customers into FreshCredit. As customers are added, updated and deleted those customers are automatically refreshed in the app as well. Within FreshCredit you can easily update any or all of your customers store credit with just a few clicks. Don't take our word for it, check out our demo video in this listing.

How do I know?

We track all your customer's transactions, balances and any time you update their credit amount. We've got it all covered in an easy to use app, embedded directly in your store admin.

What we don't do

Unfortunately we only work with the native Shopify checkout process. The one that comes built in with all stores. FreshCredit will NOT work with Apple Pay, Shop Pay, Amazon Pay or any other non-standard payment flows. Sorry!

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June 28, 2017
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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