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Fraud Protection, ID Verification, Chargeback Protection

About FraudJudge Fraud Prevention

Fraud Filters & ID Requests : Anti-fraud alerts to stop fraud triggered by unusual orders. Reduce chargebacks and process more orders with reduced risk (risky purchases).

High Risk Order Verification : Accept high-risk orders with identification checks. Request ID documents for age & identity verification or proof of address validation.

Grow Revenue With Less Risk : Increase security selling location or age restricted products (CBD, alcohol) with age & address checks or customer verification with IDs.


Selling at high volume?

Age restricted products?

High value, personalised or rare items?

Suffering from high chargeback rates?

Want to avoid fraud and accept more orders?

Sell Safer With Fraud Judge

Fraudulent orders are on the rise. “Friendly Fraud” (fraudulent chargebacks) is an expensive problem. Research shows a 21% year-on-year increase between 2018 and 2021. Protect your store with a reliable, preventive anti-fraud tool. Fraud Judge takes away the worry of fraudulent orders and helps you prevent chargebacks. Here’s how.

Automatically Detect High Risk Orders

Set your own custom rules to instantly flag unusual order quantities or amounts, as well as risky customers or addresses. Sleep easy knowing any high risk orders will be paused until you authorize them, which eventually will reduce checkout fraud

Ask For Customer Identification

Sell with confidence – identify buyers by automatically or manually requesting identity verification with Government ID, Passport, ID card or driver's license, before processing an order. You can also use the Fraud Judge ID feature to check customer age before shipping, and avoid gift card abuse or gift card fraud. Take advantage of buyer identification toolset

Increase Store Security And Improve Risk Management

Stop fraudulent orders before they are even placed by requesting ID verification via Fraud Judge - a powerful deterrent for scammers.

Reduce Chargeback Risk With Chargeback Prevention

Fraud Judge puts you in complete control of chargeback fraud. If an order exceeds one of your pre-set parameters, you choose the next course of action. Cancel the order outright? Ask for additional customer ID to help you make your decision? At any stage, if things feel risky – cancel the order with ease. This will help you avoid fake customers and fake orders with stolen credit cards

Don’t Compromise Your Conversion Rate

Fraud Judge does more than simply stop a potentially fraudulent order – it gives the customer a chance to prove their identity and confirm the validity of their purchase. No need to miss out on sales you could be making.

Request Address verification

If you're selling to an unknown territory or there's something wrong with the address, ask for address verification.

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September 30, 2021
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