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Best sellers product carousel, slider & gallery for homepage

About FoxSell Carousel & Slider

Powr sales with product slider : One click add to cart functionality from the carousel / slideshow itself to boost sales of your top selling products

Customizable gallery /lookbook : Increase your engagement by customizing the product carousel widget as per your theme and brand colors

Recommended product slideshow : Define rules for your product slideshow based on which best sellers you want to display and the product labels you want to add

Showcase best sellers using carousel on Home page

Improve customer engagement and get their attention towards your best selling products with a visually attractive image carousel, slideshows, product gallery or lookbook.

It's a known fact that best sellrs drive the majority of a store's revenue. Increase visibility for your best seller products by automatically promoting them on your store's homepage through sliders and caruosels.

You can also add details to your best seller section and product page like the number of units sold and/or total value of the products sold.

Boost your sales by automatically labelling your best-sellers and showcasing them on your home page

FoxSell Image Carousel & Slider Compatibility

FoxSell Image Carousel & Slider can support multiple themes out of the box. During our onboarding you can check if your theme is compatible or not. We also offer free installation help in case your theme is not supported yet. You can reach out to us for adding support for your theme.

Set rules for the product carousel

You can customize rules for the carrusel widget, product page slider, etc based on: * The number of best-sellers you want to label * The strategy based on which you want to decide your best-sellers

You can even add a custom products slider if these rules are not enough.

Strategize your decisions with data

  • Use our dashboard to track your best-sellers based on the number of units sold or total value of product sold.
  • Compare your revenue and the revenue generated by your best-sellers at single place.

Match your store's branding

Customise best-seller section to fit your store's branding. Use your theme and brand colors to set up your image banner slider, product carousel, lookbook, image photo gallery, etc just the way you want.

Coming soon

  • Video carousels
  • Scroll images on hover
  • Zoom images on hover and click
  • Much more (have a feature request? Let us know!)

For any help or issues with setting up the app, feel free to contact us.

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August 04, 2022
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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