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About Fogzee

Maximize influencer marketing : Get the most out of your influencers through interactive, shoppable live events and personal meet & greets

Increase your sales : Sell your products during your live event and boost conversion with interactive tools.

Super easy to use : Launch and promote your event in minutes.


About Fogzee Online Events

Fogzee allows you to create engaging live events and meet & greets directly from your Shopify store, bringing together your brand ambassadors, customers and your products in a live, interactive environment.

What kind of amazing online events can you create with Fogzee?

Meet & Greet:

Take the real world experience to the next level with Meet & Greet sessions that allow your customers to have a short personal session with you or your influencers, and experience a real-life meet & greet that they will never forget. They can ask questions and snap a picture with their favorite influencer, plus get a recording of their private session!

Live Event:

Like an online interactive seminar (but better), hosted by you or your brand ambassadors, and includes live promotions, giveaway raffles, exclusive coupon codes and on-the-fly product highlights to allow in-context shopping. Your customers can easily shop from the Live Event area and checkout in seconds!

What do you get out of using Fogzee?

Maximize your influencer marketing and brand awareness:

  • Collaborate with brand ambassadors and influencers to bring more customers to your store
  • Get more out of your influencer marketing spend with a new sales channel that is integrated to your store
  • Acquire new customers through live, entertaining experiences with their favorite influencer

Engage and convert through real-life experiences:

  • Connect with your customers and engage them through interactive live events directly from your Shopify store
  • Instantly convert events into sales with a seamless shopping & checkout experience
  • Excite and drive sales through live promotions, time sensitive coupons, live giveaway raffles and product highlights
  • Easily stream your event to your social media platforms

How does Fogzee work? As promised, it’s insanely easy:

  • Install our app
  • Schedule a time that works with your influencer or host (if it’s you then skip this stage)
  • Create a new event and set it up in minutes (for real, minutes)
  • Add live giveaway raffles, promotions and any other interactive element you want (again, in minutes)
  • Activate promotion tools like registration widgets to drive registrations to your event (this one is in seconds)
  • Go live straight from your store and get this party started! (you can stream it to your social media channels as well)

Just FYI - once your customers register they get a link to attend your event simply from a web browser, without installing anything (did we mention easy?)

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September 24, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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