Shopify App : Fly Courier

Dedicated App for Fly Courier shippers for Booking Orders.

About Fly Courier

Bulk Booking and Cancel : With this feature, as a Fly Courier user, you will be able to book orders in bulk and be able to also cancel orders in bulk, within Shopify.

Bulk Order CN Generate & Track : This feature allows you to Generate CNs in bulk without having to jump windows and within the same interface as your shop.

CN Printing : Now you will be able to Print CNs directly from your Shopify website without accessing the Fly Customer Portal.


FlyCourier App

This is a dedicated Shopify App for Fly Courier customers. Fly Courier app is designed to perform order processing within Shopify and process your orders to the Fly Courier portal, without having to leave your Shopify interface.

This app will be helpful for all Fly Courier clients who are using the Shopify platform and want to book orders in a single click, without having to jump windows.

Fly Courier App will help perform the following:

  • Book Multiple Orders in one go.
  • Cancel Multiple Orders in one go.
  • Ability to track orders.
  • Print CN directly from the website without accessing Fly Customer Portal.
  • Push Bulk and Process orders to Fly Courier portal.
  • Generate Bulk CN and Track orders within the Shopify Order List Page of the App.
  • Cancel processed orders within the Shopify App.
  • Easy and Quick Account Setup (just add details provided by Fly Courier).
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Launch date
February 23, 2022
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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