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Connect with your audience : Increase conversions through interactive video calls. Host shopping parties, private events, live selling campaigns, consultations and more.

Sell directly on social media : Your video can be broadcasted on social media, and our player can be embedded on social media posts, messenger groups and more.

Build customer relationships : Connect with customers in real time, create engagement, present your products, answer questions and sell more!


Flux Panda adds video commerce functionality to your Shopify store.

**Increase conversion, build customer relationships, and sell more!**

**Connect with customers on social media**

Flux Panda integrates directly with your Shopify store and allows you to have customers on social media watch your video content, or live broadcasts and checkout directly via Shopify. You can also re-stream to social media platforms directly from our dashboard.

**Host live selling events and shopping parties**

When you go live your customers can watch, chat, and buy your products directly from the video stream. The video stream itself is accessible via your website, or you can embed it on your social media feeds, messenger groups and more.

With Flux Panda you don't restrict yourself to a single audience, but reach customers all over the internet at the same time.

**Take private calls directly from your website**

With our private calls feature you can receive calls directly from your website. This way your customers can ask you questions, and you can close more deals.

**Engage your audience with ready to use apps**

When you host your live selling event, you can engage your customers with our ready-to-use apps such as the lucky draw, countdown deals or coupons. Create even more engagement with our audience calls functionality and invite up to 17 co-hosts to join your session.

**Create shoppable videos and annotate your products**

You can record your sessions or upload videos that you have produced. Best thing is you can annotate the video with your products, and customers can add them to your Shopify cart directly from the video.

Key Features * Embed eCommerce enabled video player on your site * Engage viewers with live chat, contests, raffles, and countdown deals * Integrate multiple plugins like loyalty program, shipping provider, etc. * Monitor inventory real-time * Multicast on several social media platforms * Built-in shopping cart included * Record and upload livestreams so customers can’t miss them * Capture customer data through UTM tracking * Receive performance data from our sales analytics

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October 20, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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