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About Flexchain

No Design Skills Needed : You can easily choose our products from our website and publish them to your store without any skills.

No Up Front Inventory : you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars in inventory up front and pre-purchase all the items you sell.

Work Smart, Then Work Hard : Dealers can reduce the workload of releasing products.

Cross border e-commerce supply platform

Flexchain is an easy-to-use tool. Choose from high-quality products, create and sell your favorite products. There is no need to worry about production, inventory, packaging and transportation. We will handle everything for you.

How do we operate?

1.Start by creating an account.

2.Connect the Shopify store to the integration tool on the store page, and then click the "add app" button.

3.Choose the products you want to release according to your ideas.

4.Publish to your store and start selling your products.

5.When the order enters, it will be automatically imported into the platform. After receiving the payment, we will deal with the rest.

6.Click the "add application" button at the top of this page, and then follow the steps.

What specific functions do we have?

1.Automatically synchronize orders to facilitate management and tracking

2.Quickly publish products of the same category and model

3.Pricing template fast pricing, and the system automatically calculates the commodity cost and profit margin

4.Connect the flexible supply chain, and realize the whole process closed loop from commodity design, commodity shelves, commodity production, commodity quality inspection to commodity delivery

5.Based on a safe and reliable information protection mechanism, we ensure that customers' information can be secured

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Launch date
August 31, 2022

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