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Automate customer engagement, increase conversion, grow profit

About Firecart Marketing Automation

Lifecycle marketing campaigns : Drive new qualified leads, nurture leads into customers and increase funnel conversion rates with lifecycle marketing campaigns

Lead management system : Manage your leads better, segment and target your leads and prevent any lost leads with a centralized lead management system

Marketing automation workflows : Automate customer communication, save time and increase staff efficiency with easy to use marketing automation workflows

  • Improve your sales & marketing through automated personalized email & SMS marketing
  • Increase your customer retention through automated workflows (Eg: Abandoned Cart Reminders, Birthday Offers, Referral Program, etc.)
  • Easy 1 click integration to automate your eCommerce marketing activities

Are you manually managing different customers segments to send targeted marketing messages?

Install Firecart's Marketing Automation app and instantly increase your sales & marketing ROI by sending timely relevant triggered email & sms messages.

Firecart is an all-in-one eCommerce marketing automation solution for online stores. This product by Canvass is used by over 1000 companies all over the world.

Our features & solutions include the following (& more):

  1. Easily Sync Customer Data: Once integrated, all the new registrations & customer information from your shopify store gets synced with Firecart.
  2. Monitor Store Visitors: Firecart identifies and monitors every individual visitor on your shopify store. The data is automagically tracked to an individual customer once the visitor registers on your store.
  3. Automatically Segment Customers: Based on customer behavior, Firecart automatically segments your customers into appropriate lists.
  4. Send Automated / Triggered Emails & SMS: Create automation workflows using Firecart & send personalized emails based on specific events or activities.
  5. Capture Leads on Website: Grow your email and leads database by adding a newsletter signup widget, an exit intent popup and sending an automated email response to leads who get captured.
  6. Send New User Welcome Email Series: Welcome your new website registrants/users with a special series of preconfigured emails / drip emails.
  7. Setup Abandoned Cart Email Reminders: Send a timely cart abandonment email. You can use this activity to nudge your users with a personalized cart abandonment email.
  8. Setup Referral Marketing Program: Let your customers become your brand ambassadors. You can setup & launch an automated incentive driven customer referral program from your website, email, social media and mobile device.
  9. Greet a First Time buyer: You can create a special workflow to greet your first time buyers. This activity sends an automated email to users who have made their first purchase (total orders = 1) and adds them to a special "Active Users" list.
  10. Setup Product Replenishment or Reorder Reminder: Send a timely product replenishment/reorder reminder email to your customers a few days/weeks after their purchase.
  11. Send Newsletters, Emails & SMSes: Apart from sending personalized automated emails, Firecart allows you to send promotional emails & SMS.

PS: Promotional SMS is currently available in India only!

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March 08, 2016

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