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Multichannel inventory management for your growing business

About Finale Inventory Connector

Centralized Inventory : Take the guesswork out of tracking your inventory levels. Quickly get up-to-date accurate stock counts at your warehouse(s).

Avoid Overselling : When a sale happens, Finale automatically adjusts & syncs updated stock counts to selling channels in near real-time to prevent oversell.

Barcode scanning & picking : Leverage mobile barcode scanner to count, receive and fulfill orders for accurate order picking.

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The complete inventory management solution

Finale Inventory is designed to be an adaptable and flexible inventory management system to support the workflows of your growing business. Built to solve your inventory needs.

Sign up today and enjoy the following inventory capabilities:

Multi-channel inventory management

  • Get complete inventory visibility across all warehouses and through all sales channels.
  • Easily manage kits and bundles to accurately track items sold as a package or individually.
  • Connect Finale to multiple sales channels. Prevent overselling and negative reviews by having Finale sync updated inventory stock levels to Amazon, Shopify, and other selling channels in near real-time.
  • Track serial numbers, lots, and expiration dates of your products.

Inventory accounting and landed costs

  • Quickly obtain your inventory asset valuation with a click of a mouse.
  • Automatically calculate the product landed costs to take into account additional costs such as freight fees, customs fees, and duties when receiving products.
  • Robust QuickBooks Online integration to ensure all the information between the two systems remains consistent and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of manually entering data.
  • Don’t use Quickbooks? No problem. Finale Inventory will export all the accounting and general ledger reports for your financial accounting purposes.

Advanced barcode scanning and labeling

  • Print custom UPC barcode labels or QR codes to make counting and receiving products faster and easier.
  • Turbocharge your warehouse operation by leveraging mobile barcode scanners to reduce manual errors and improve accuracy.
  • Barcode scanners will guide team members to where to find the product and ensure picking accuracy by providing real-time feedback to ensure the correct product was scanned.


  • Quickly generate purchase orders before stock runs too low.
  • Reorder goods from multiple suppliers at once using either basic min/max rules or have Finale automatically calculate reorder points based on sales velocity and desired days of inventory.
  • Track arrival dates against your order ship by dates.


  • We want your business to be successful.
  • Our US-based customer relationship team will be there every step of the way via Zoom calls, phone, and email to ensure you are empowered to use the software to maximize the value of the software.
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October 03, 2022
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