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Upsell Cart,Upsell Recommendation, Sticky Add to Cart, Buy Now

About Fast Checkout Sales Bundle

Personalized Recommendations : Our personalized recommendation looks for patterns in user behavior and suggests similar products on Cart, ultimately boosting your sales.

Slide Cart, Sticky Add to Cart : Sliding Cart to Reduce Shopping Time. Sticky ATC bar & Sticky buttons for better shop experience send shoppers directly to checkout or cart.

Quick Buy Now & Deep Insights : One click buy from product listings on homepage, collection & cart page. User Activity metrics captures the complete view of buyer journey.

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Sticky Bar, Sticky Button, Buy Now, Slide Cart and Upsell

Latest Update:

We offer Upsell Recommendation, Sticky Bar, Sticky Button, Quick Buy, Mini Cart with Cart Slider/Cart popup with recommendation, User Activity, Customer Data and Advance Analytics for our features.

A tour of our app

Our app is built to increase visitor engagement, recover abandoned carts and drive conversion on your store. It is designed to use your theme color palette and look natural in the store right away. Of course, you can always customize it in any way you want! This increases store conversion, reduce bounces & abandonment and have significantly boosted sales for our customers by helping them with more purchases just like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy Website etc.

AI Upsell Recommendation

The our AI algorithm looks for patterns in user behavior to find what they are looking for and ultimately boost your store's revenue. - Recommendation on every ATC - Mini Cart Recommendation - Cart Page Recommendation - Thank you page recommendation

3rd Party Integration:

Compatible with popular multi currency app, Shopify 2.0 themes, CartPanda, Yampi, Facebook Pixel and Google analytics.

Why Fast Checkout?

For every action you can Skip the cart and send shoppers directly to checkout for every feature.

Sticky Add to Cart Bar

Sticky Add to Cart Bar is a floating bar with an Add to Cart button that allows shoppers to quickly add products to their cart and get to the checkout page with just one click.

Sticky Button

Sticky Button shows shoppers the number of items they have added to their cart on every page, which makes them excited to buy the product.

Quick Buy

Quick Buy allows your shoppers to buy directly from product listing pages, collection, and catalog pages with an Amazon-like 1-click checkout button.

Mini Cart Slider or Popup

Mini Cart lets your shoppers see which products they have added into their carts from every page without interrupting their shopping experience.

User Activity & Customer Data

Track every move of visitor and take data-driven decisions to improve your store’s shopping experience with deep insight.

Adv Analytics:

We provide comprehensive app metrics to understand your user's buying journey. Have insight on the top pages and browser they use.

Browser Tab Reminder

Target distracted shoppers who may switch to another browser tab or forget about items in their cart who tend to leave without making any purchases.

Custom Code

Our Clients with unique needs are easily supported by Custom JS and Custom CSS code without editing your theme.

WYSIWYG Interface

We offer a unique and visually appealing experience with a side-by-side view of any changes made in the app.

Excellent customer support

Contact our support team for clear and friendly dedicated support within 24 hours.

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March 16, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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