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Create perfect on-model fashion imagery in seconds with AI.

About Virtual Model

Easily create on-model photos. : Automatically create high-quality on-model product photos at scale with just few clicks online – no more hassle of elaborate photoshoots.

Reduce cost on photoshoots. : Visualize and style products on models remotely for product pages and virtual dressing rooms - without requiring much time and resources.

Increase conversions. : Visualize products on models for shoppers-allow them to make more informed purchase decisions and therefore increase conversions.


Based on real-time image processing technologies, computer vision, deep learning and artificial intelligence, Virtual Model offers an automated e-commerce on-model product photo solution for fashion retailers. With Virtual Model, retailers can produce high-quality on-model photos at scale for their latest collection by themselves - with just a few clicks online, which is much faster and cheaper than traditional photoshoots.

It also helps with increase in conversion rates and reduce in return rates by visualizing products on models for shoppers to make more informed purchase decisions.

Key Features:

AI Technology

Virtual Model uses a class of AI machine learning frameworks to create realistic images of products on models.

Automated Smart System

The system will automatically import all product images from the store for your later process and support export on-model photos directly to product pages.

Product Visualization and Style

With input images, Virtual Model can display and style products on models of different shapes and sizes and generate high-quality on-model images for showcase.

Various Model Options

A wide range of real models with different ethnicities and skin colors, body types, hairstyles are digitized for selection and customization. Retailers can choose models that fit best with their collection and make their shop more attractive for the shoppers.

How It Works

  1. Select product images - All product images in your store will be automatically imported to the system at the very beginning.

  2. Select models and style products in your own way.

  3. Create on-model product photos with a single click of a button.

  4. Review and save on-model product photos to product pages or download directly.

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Launch date
March 09, 2022
Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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