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Drive more sales with personalized product recommendations.

About Fashion Shopping Assistant

Boost Sales : Help your customers find the right products by guiding them through a personalized product recommendation flow.

Increase Average Order Value : Help your customers create and shop for personalized outfits for any occasion.

Personalize Recommendations : Find out your customers' individual styles with a fun quiz to improve recommendations and personalization.



Why use Inspora?

  1. Boost Your Sales

  2. Increase Your Average Order Value

  3. Personalize Your Online Store

What is Inspora?

Inspora is a digital shopping assistant powered by artificial Intelligence, that leads your customers through the shopping process with a personalised, automated chat conversation – from finding the right style, through searching for products and outfits, to checkout. This helps your customers to find exactly what they want, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and higher sales. Easily integrate Inspora as a widget into your shopify online shop, exclusively tailored to your products, target group and brand.

What do I need to do as a shop operator?

All you have to do is send us an email and share your product feed with us. We'll get back to you within four days. After you've shared your product feed, we'll enhance it with additional information to give your customers a more personalised shopping experience. We'll then tailor the widget to your product range and branding. In case you have any further requests or suggestions, feel free to share them with us by email.

What are the features?

  1. Product Search: Help your customers find the right products by guiding them through a personalized product recommendation flow. Inspora turns your static search filters into an interactive dialogue with your customers. By reacting to product requests with product-specific questions, search results can be refined and tailored to your customers.

  2. Outfit Quiz: Help your customers build individual outfits for every occasion and benefit from a higher average order value. Inspora answers outfit requests sent by customers (for example, 'I'm looking for a new outfit for spring') with personalized questions inspired by personal stylists, such as which occasion the customer needs the outfit for or whether they'd like the outfit to include a particular item of clothing.

  3. Style Quiz: Find out your customers' tastes in fashion with a fun quiz and benefit from highly personalized product and outfit recommendations.

What's so special about Inspora?

Inspora is the world's first online shopping assistant specifically developed for the fashion industry to offer automated, personalized style advice to customers. It achieves this through both chatbot technology and artificial intelligence drawn from the digitalized knowledge of over 100 human personal stylists.

When will you be charged?

You will only be charged after the custom solution has been implemented and tested. Before enabling the chat widget in the online shop, you will go through the charge authorization process within the app dashboard.

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November 20, 2019

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