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About Factly

Faster revenue analytics : Keeping a pulse on the health and growth of your business can take hours of manual analysis. ex:MRR,AOV or Conversion rate

Actionable customer analytics : The sheer number of factors that can impact engagement makes customer analytics a constant challenge. ex: DAU,CLV or CAC

Proactive retention analytics : You work hard to retain customers, but with promotions, incentives, and more, it’s hard to know what is /isn’t working.ex:Churn or Retention



Dashboards are for all metrics. FACTLY is for AOV.

FACTLY is a new kind of order tool for store owners that helps them to optimize their average order value. (no technical skills required).

The problem: we help Store owners understand changes in AOV, We find out that many store owners are overwhelmed by their dashboard data. Factly will encourage the store owners to focus more on AOV vs other metrics.

Factly is a simple app that just focuses on AOV(Average order value). We show the store owners how their AOV changed in a certain time frame by looking at complete orders. (note: we focus only on one metrics)

AOV Analytics: analyze complete orders coming from each sale and marketing channel to understand your average order value changes.


After you install the Factly app, you will see a screen : First: Select your KPI which is AOV( WE are focusing only on one metric) - Second: you need to select a Time frame- For example, Select a timeframe from November to December - Note: In factly, we are analyzing complete orders. Click on proceed to see results: After that, we give you a graph which will show you AOV changes over that time period.


  1. Install the Factly app through the App Store.
  2. Select KPI (AOV) and the time frame that the orders were completed.
  3. See your AOV graph with changes over time.
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Launch date
January 01, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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