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About Facebook Comments

Facebook product reviews : Facebook is widely used all over the world – adding testimonial, product reviews and blog posts doesn't require registration or logging

Let Facebook keep your reviews : Real-time FB testimonials, product reviews, blog posts and facebook product feed for products and blogs on your store via facebook pixel

Facebook is spam-free : Protected by built-in facebook algorithms, testimonials (product reviews) don't allow spammers to affect on reputation of your products

Facebook Comments facebook

Facebook Comments app allows you to communicate with your customers on your website via new channel.

Why add interactive comments?

Adding Facebook Comments feature to your store is a nice option to introduce a new way for customers to express their opinion or ask a question.

How comments will affect my store?

Users opinions and reviews will start to appear at amazing speed. Every product will have its own set of reviews and comments from real people – trusted opinions can positively affect on sales conversion and add extra social proof.

Are there customization options available?

Sure! You can:

  • enable or disable comments on product pages or on blog (article) pages. Blog comments are automatically integrated with your design (but feel free to contact us in case if you'd like to display comments in a special way on your store);
  • change comments display mode (pop-up, animated comments block or plain display without effects);
  • customize design (comments button's color, font, size, text etc);
  • enter own Developer App ID to have more control under moderation, publication rules etc.

Which comments features are supported?

  • responsive design;
  • comments moderation support;
  • comments notifications support;
  • likes and responses;
  • facebook auth takes care of spam-filtering.


  • when you're changing product's URLs (web address) or starting to use another theme, comments can be reset, as Facebook links all comments to specific URLs and it's technically not possible to transfer or export this comments to a "new" page.
  • Facebook Comments app is not related to Facebook company;
  • Facebook Comments have some known problems when posting comments from iOS. Unfortunately, we can't affect on that and hope that Facebook will improve ui/ux for iOS users very soon;
  • Adblock may affect on how Facebook Comments display on your website – it's recommended to disable adblock plugin for testing.

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