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Save money on Facebook ads by targeting the right audiences

About Facebook Ads Hidden Interests

Find hidden interests : Facebook ads manager shows just 25 interest. We'll show you 100's of hidden interests that can be targeted.

Speed up your research : Save hours of manual research and pick hyper-targeted interests you would've never found yourself.

Optimise your workflow : When you've picked a selection of interests, you can copy-paste these straight into your Facebook campaigns.

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Enjoy an unfair advantage

Our software makes finding hidden Facebook interests simple and efficient. Scale your campaigns and outsmart your competition - all while reducing the time you spend on research.

Pick your language to localise the suggestions.

While the Facebook Marketing API returns the most interest suggestions in English (en_US), you can also explore interests in all of the other Facebook supported languages.

Search for hidden interests related to any broad topic.

Use the search bar to explore any broad topic you're interested in. Within seconds our software will use the Facebook Marketing API to reveal all related interests that can be targeted with ads.

Discover hyper-relevant interests in seconds.

Sort the interests by audience size and use the search buttons to open a new tab with a search on Facebook or Google, to quickly assess the relevance of interests you're not familiar with.

Pick the best suggestions to target.

Clicking on an interest puts it in your selection box at the top of the page. You can then copy the contents to your clipboard or export to a downloadable CSV file for later use.

Receive a machine learning interest report

Learning Facebook interests for the last few years gave us the ability to detect the most relevant and cost effective interest targeting for Facebook ads. Once Facebook Hidden Interest will have sufficient information the report will be generated automatically and will be send by Email.

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November 19, 2019
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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