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Grow your sales with Facebook & Instagram Ads, powered by AI

About Facebook Ads powered by AI

Full funnel strategy : Reach more customers ready to learn more about your brand. Re-target abandoned users. Re-engage existing customers.

Customize all your ads : Customize all your dynamic ads with personalized templates showing relevant information. Create branded content in all available formats.

Optimize using AI : Create hundreds of audiences. Build campaigns and ads dynamically, based on multiple data sources. Automate budget optimization.


Set up your Facebook & Instagram Ads campaigns easily using AI

Adtomic for Shopify creates hundreds of audiences, campaigns, ad sets and ads automatically, thanks to our AI-based technology.

  • Retargeting: We get information from your store to create retargeting audiences, based on the products or categories they have interacted with, the stage of the funnel they left and when this actions happen.
  • Cross-selling: Once your customers make a purchase, we use their behavior information and data from similar clusters to recommend new products and maximize their lifetime value.
  • Prospecting: We use information from interactions on your social networks to generate high value audiences. We also use other sites behavior information to target customers who are interested in the products that you offer, thanks to our catalog optimization and the DPA for Broad Audiences tool. Also, Facebook’s Lookalike are created, based on different seed sources including your best performing customers and the products they have bought.

Personalized ads using custom catalogs' designs for DPA and your own generated content.

  • Generate custom designs for your brand and apply them to all your products, getting real time information from your site such as price, promotions, shipping details and stock. There are no limits in terms of personalization, and our design team will be pleased to help you. You can also opt to use the store's images or upload more life-style ones.
  • Easily upload your video or static content you generate, both for stories and feeds, and decide to combine them with personalized product recommendations, using Canvas and Collections.
  • Customize the copy-write of all your ads, for specific groups of products or all of them.
  • Schedule all your ads to run on specific dates or configure them to be always on.

24/7 reporting and very simple user interface

  • Our dashboard is connected to Facebook 24/7 to get information of your performance and most relevant indicators. Attribution models can be chosen.
  • Our platform is thought to let you personalize all your ads in a very simple way while we get in charge of the campaigns generation and budget optimization. You choose how to communicate and your budget, we do the rest to maximize results.

We are focused on generating a WOW experience

  • Once you install Adtomic, an Onboarding Specialist will guide you to configure all your ads and get the best use of our technology. You can also opt to A/B test your current strategy with Adtomic's suggestion. If your expectations are no met, you won't be charged.
  • After being onboard, our Customer Success Team will be focused in guiding you to improve your results, solve your issues and make your life simpler.
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August 26, 2020

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