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About Express Video Studio

Automated video generation : Video is now easy to make! Simply select the products you wish to showcase and let create amazing video content for you.

Fully customizable templates : Start from hundreds of beautiful templates and customize even the smallest aspects of your video in our user-friendly editor.

Instant background removal : Apply background removal, effects, and filters to all your product photos and let them shine on social media and advertising platforms!


What is is your ultimate partner in high-quality, relevant, and effortless video generation for marketing and social media purposes.

Enhance your social media presence and advertising ROI with video

Video is undoubtedly the future. However, we know how expensive, time-consuming, and altogether hard it still is to create truly relevant videos.

But no more. At, we've made it our mission to use automation in order to take care of all these struggles.

Create hundreds of stunning, ready-to-publish videos in just a few clicks pulls all your products' information directly from your Shopify store: photos, prices, discounts, descriptions, and automatically includes them in the templates of your choice, creating ready to publish beautiful videos, in a matter of seconds.

Be the master of your own brand identity does not offer pre-made rigid templates which not only do they limit your creative process, but they also make it impossible for you to showcase your true, personal brand identity.

Instead, by joining, you’ll get hundreds of fully customizable, dynamic templates in which every small detail can be adjusted to match your brand vision with our built-in, user-friendly video editor, giving you full control of the message you wish to convey, and space to experiment and optimize.

Play around with tons of effects, filters and animations and enjoy functionalities such as background removal to make your products look professional and get the attention they deserve.

Professional Touch Express Video Studio makes it simple for you to work with professional marketers and designers by allowing you to share your workspace with all your collaborators.

You can allow professional designers to curate your media assets and visual elements or create templates that define your brand identity, or do it yourself and work with marketing experts for campaigns management.

Irrespective of the set-up of your choice, you can count on to automate the video creation process, while allowing you and your partners to work together and build the brand identity you envision, generate leads, retarget customers and ultimately increase revenues.

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July 12, 2022
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