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Instantly reduce fraudulent orders!

About Extra Verification

Instantly reduce fraud orders! : An accurate source for verifying and analyzing fraudulent orders

Customizable Emails : Easily manage the text and appearance of email templates to match your brand

Smart verification technology : Recognizes previously verified customers - no reverifying needed


One of the biggest concerns for eCommerce is online fraud. Extra Verification by Fera helps you fight fraudulent orders by putting a verification system in place. Orders over a preset amount and/or shipping and delivery irregularities trigger the app letting you know to validate the order.

Extra Verification by is focused on helping merchants that are looking for an easy solution to reduce fraudulent orders, flagging fraudsters and providing a way for customers to verify themselves by uploading their photo ID.

Reduce fraud with Extra Verification’s Core Functionalities:

  • An intelligent backend means you can recognize fraudulent orders without not annoying repeat customers. Once a customer is verified they do not need to verify themselves again.
  • If a customer uploads a blurry image you can easily message them from within the app to resubmit their ID.
  • If a customer is flagged, all future orders will be flagged regardless of order value.
  • Super easy to configure. No coding required. Be up and running within 30 seconds.
  • 100% responsive. Works on desktop, tablet and mobile!
  • Need help? No problem! Our support team is available for round the clock assistance.

How Extra Verification Works

The app triggers when a customer makes a purchase over a certain amount or if there are irregularities between their shipping and delivery addresses. After an order is flagged you can request ID verification directly from the customer. They can easily upload an image and then you’re able to verify or reject the order. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with fraudsters as the app will block any future orders from rejected customers and can easily verify non-fraudulent customers.

Try out this app and save yourself the headache of fraudulent orders!

The Team Behind the Scenes

This app is developed by the team behind, an AI Digital Salesperson that uses social proof and urgency to increase conversions.

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September 26, 2018
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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