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Connect ExtendaGO and synchornise products, stock and orders.

About Extendago Connect

ExtendaGO POS : Use the ExtendaGO POS platform to manage your products. Our app provides fully automatic processing of products, discounts and stocks.

Order transfers : As soon as a web order is placed with a payment status, it will also be processed in Extendago for stock handling.

App settings : With our app settings we offer various options to set the processing as desired. This way it is possible to enrich the product data.


ExtendaGO Connect makes it simple. No duplication of work, but a central place for your product management. Manage your products, stock and discounts at one place and our App will do the magic. Order received in Shopify? Our App will create the order in ExtendaGO and also handle the stock events.


  • Export existing Shopify products into ExtendaGO POS
  • Add/update product data from ExtendaGO to Shopify
  • Update product stock from ExtendaGO to Shopify
  • Manage product discount from ExtendaGO to Shopify
  • Process Shopify orders to ExtendaGO

In our app, various settings offer the possibility to set the processing as desired.

ExtendaGO POS platform is operated and managed by ExtendaRetail. ExtendaRetail owns the platform to operated the POS in a Cloud environment. This includes management of products, stocks, and discounts. To use our app it is necessary to have an ExtendaGO account. Arture is the preferred partner of ExtendaGo but not part of ExtendaRetail.

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March 09, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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