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Eventbrite Alternative. Schedule, Scan & Sell Tickets Easily.

About Evey Events & Tickets

Sell Tickets to Your Events : Sell tickets to your events, calendar scheduler, manage guests. Guests get their beautifully designed tickets with their own ticket page.

Check-In Event Guests : Use our mobile apps to scan, verify, and check-in guests. Check-in info from all scanning devices available together in a single dashboard.

No-code customize your event : Guests receive customizable event tickets and emails/SMS, or use our default templates. No-code editor. Translations support for everything.

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Sell tickets to your in-person or online events, with no hassle set up, code, or no-code customization options, with this full-featured app for your Shopify store. Your customers will get the experience they deserve before and after they purchase tickets to your events. You'll have the tools you need to launch and run successful events. Our responsive team is here to help with any support you need.

Features to help you sell tickets

  • Design and sell beautiful tickets, including a webpage for each customer to manage their ticket
  • One-time or recurring events
  • PDF, Apple Wallet Pass, calendar ticket formats
  • All tickets include a unique QR code that can be scanned for check-in
  • Single or group tickets
  • Choose and link to your venue right on the ticket for in-person events
  • Dedicated virtual event page for online events, with access and timing control
  • Collect extra information from your attendees before they purchase tickets
  • Deliver tickets to your customers on the order summary page after purchase, and/or via email or SMS
  • Super reliable and scalable, sell as many tickets as you need
  • Reserved seating with cart reservations
  • Pass on costs with service fees

Attendee management and features for running your events:

  • Attendees can update their info or transfer tickets on their ticket page (if you allow)
  • Manually add attendees
  • Track email and SMS deliveries, you'll know with certainty that your guests have received their tickets
  • Make support requests easy with detailed ticket and delivery info available for each order
  • Export all attendee data to excel or CSV, even a custom Zoom format
  • Import lists of attendees
  • Scan tickets for contactless check-in of attendees using our iPhone/iPad or Android apps, external scanning hardware is supported.
  • Manage separate check-in accounts across all events
  • Track check-in status across a guest list
  • Check-in rules for preventing multiple check-ins, or entrance ticket style to allow a number of uses in a period of time
  • Send custom messages (email or SMS) to some or all of your attendees at any time
  • Marketing and analytics integrations for Mailchimp and Klaviyo
  • Shopify Flow integration

Customization features"

  • Easy no-code template editor, click and change the configuration for branding, text, colors, images, and more for everything
  • Full control of HTML / liquid ticket delivery (email or SMS), custom message templates
  • Full control of HTML / liquid for dedicated ticket pages, PDF, Apple Wallet Pass tickets, and virtual event page
  • Translation manager to let you support multiple languages across all aspects of the customer experience
  • Event data available in your storefront liquid through metafields for store customization

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July 17, 2013
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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