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Easy Etsy: Sync / Import / Export Products, Inventory, Orders

About Etsy Integration & Sync

Automatic & Real-Time Sync : Automatically sync your store’s inventory and products (images, title, price, description, meta fields, etc.) to

Sync & import Etsy listings : Are you already selling on Etsy? Our app lets you import and sync Etsy products, inventory, and orders to Shopify.

Automate Accounting & Stock : You can manage multiple orders and inventory of Etsy within Shopify admin with different conditions to automate your accounting.

Easy and powerful Etsy Sync& both ways realtime inventory sync

Etsy Integration & Sync app lets you fully automate syncing your products, inventory and orders without technical hassle.

The goal of our app is to help merchants skip the tedious process of keeping manual multiple sales platforms in sync by automating this process.

Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 through Livechat (weekdays) and by mail (weekends) to help you succeed in selling on Etsy.

Top features

1. Real-Time sync between Shopify and Etsy

This app serves you by syncing your products, inventory and orders in real-time between Shopify and Etsy.

2. Export your Products from Shopify to Etsy

Make a product selection or setup automated exports for new products to publish them directly from Shopify to your Etsy store.

3. Import your Etsy Products to Shopify

Do you already sell on Etsy? And do you want to migrate to Shopify your products from Etsy? Our app will not only allow you to send your products from Etsy to Shopify, but it also allows you to handle all of them in the same centralised system.

4. Sync existing Etsy listings to Shopify

Our "Sync already existing Etsy products" feature lets you sync all of your existing Etsy products, orders, and inventory to the Etsy Integration & Sync dashboard. Once synced, you'll be able to link and maintain your product's orders and inventory and link it to your Shopify Store.

5. Powerful Order management & fulfilment

Import your Etsy orders in Shopify, manage fulfilment with/without tracking number and sync fulfilment between Shopify & Etsy.

6. Error reporting

Our app will inform you in case of any errors during the upload or sync process in a non technical way. Support is also happy to help you out with any syncing, linking or order queries.

7. Set your product title & price on Etsy

This app simplifies the process of listing your products by assisting you in setting your custom title and price on Etsy so that you take in variables such as tax and other fees beforehand. You can also exclude SEO-optimised titles on Etsy being synced with Shopify.

Why Etsy Integration & Sync is the best choice:

  • Real-time product, orders, and inventory Etsy sync
  • Get reports for product listing errors & simple resolution tips
  • Make changes in your shop & auto-reflect on Etsy in real-time
  • Advanced order management: ship orders while tracking shipping
  • Sync only those attributes which you want to sync between Shopify and Etsy
  • Set different prices & titles in Etsy and Shopify
  • Support for different currencies in Shopify and Etsy
  • Set different shipping profiles Etsy on your listing
  • Exclude Etsy's SEO optimised titles being synced with Shopify
  • Tag orders to keep track their sales channel
  • Sync Tax and VAT even if price is inclusive in Etsy
  • Compatible with Shopify Plus stores
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October 14, 2014
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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