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About Envision: Size & Fit Analyser

Comprehensive Fit Analyser : Help your customers find the right size and see how it fits each part of their body. It only takes a few seconds. No measuring needed.

Boost Sales & Reduce Returns : Boost your customers' confidence to click that "Buy Now" button. If they know exactly how it fits, they won't hesitate to buy more.

More Returning Loyal Customers : What's the worst part of online shopping? Returning clothes that don't fit. Get rid of that headache & your customers will keep coming back.


Your customers are tired of returning clothes that don't fit. And face it, so are you. Envision can help you get rid of this headache. Give your customers the confidence to buy clothes that will fit.

Envision is not just a size chart or a gimmicky sizing plugin that gives vague results. It's a comprehensive size and fit recommender you'll find, especially at this price range.

Benefits to your customers

  • Size Recommendation: Find the right size in seconds. Compare 3 best-fitting sizes.
  • Fit Analysis: Get a report of how the product fits each body part (bust, waist, hips, product length, sleeve length, etc). Know whether the product fits them as intended (e.g. Envision can tell if a slim fit shirt design may look like a loose fit on a petite person).
  • Compare Measurements: Compare product measurements to their calculated body measurements (calculated by Envision).
  • Seamless experience: Your customers can get their size & fit without leaving your store. They only need to fill out a short questionnaire once to know their size and fit for every product in your store.
  • Convenient: The sizing questionnaire only takes a few seconds to fill. No measuring tape needed.

Benefits to you, the merchant

  • Increase sales: Boost your customers' confidence to click that "Buy Now" button. If they know exactly how it fits, they won't hesitate to buy more.
  • Reduced returns: Your customers no longer have to return clothes that don't fit. They know exactly how products fit before they buy.
  • Gain customer loyalty: When your store offers a great shopping experience, why would they go to your competitors? They will keep coming back to buy products that fit them well.

Why Envision (and not other sizing apps)?

  • Very Comprehensive: Envision can tell your customers their right size AND exactly how each size fits their body.
  • Highly Accurate: Envision uses an algorithm to calculate your customers' body measurements with high accuracy. Then, it compares body measurements with your product measurements to recommend the right size and analyse the fit for each unique person.
  • Highly Inclusive: Envision can recommend sizes and fits for people of all body shapes, gender, age, and ethnicity. We built the Envision algorithm by analysing body measurements of people worldwide to achieve this accurate calculation.
  • Beautiful Design: We have a fantastic designer who makes sure that the Envision app looks great in your store. Why would you want to install something mediocre that tarnishes your brand?
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August 09, 2022
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