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Customize your cursor, use premade designs or upload your own

About ENKEL Custom Cursor

Add personality to your store : Add your own unique touch to your store and make the customer visit memorable.

Use premade designs : Choose a premade cursor and pointer for your store and get it ready to go in a few minutes.

Upload your own design : Upload your own unique designs and have it on your store in order to make it more personalized.

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Why choose ENKEL Custom Cursor app?

Personalizing your e-commerce store is more important than ever before. There are countless websites on the internet, so it's very difficult to make a memorable impression on the customer's mind. Modern stores need to be personalized, fun, and memorable.

That's where ENKEL Custom Cursor app comes in. Cursor is the main thing that the customer will interact your store with, so having a custom cursor will let you make a more personal connection with the customer, and make the store more fun to use for them. ENKEL Custom Cursor let's you customize your cursor however you want. You can choose from one of our premade designs, or upload your own design. Let's say you have a car accessories store, in this case having a cursor that looks like a car wheel will make the store look more fun and memorable.

Hassle free installation

The installation process is totally hassle free and in case you decide to uninstall the app, it won't have any leftover code in your store. We also have a very quick video tutorial to get you started and our amazing support team is always here to help you out.

Overview of the key benefits

  • Personalize your store by customizing the cursor and make it look like something unique, fun and memorable.
  • Simple 1 click setup and fully ready to go.
  • No leftover code in case you decide to uninstall.
  • Amazing customer support.
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January 11, 2022
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