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Boost ROAS for Facebook Ads and Google Ads

About Enhencer | Maximize ROAS

Higher Conversion Rate : Reach out to the most relevant audiences for your brand and products and more than triple your ad campaign’s conversion rate.

Improve ROAS : Enhencer's AI Audience will allow you to target the visitors with the highest conversion rate and increase ROAS.

Boost Ad Revenue : Boost all your ad campaigns and increase your ad revenue by at least 30% using the AI-Based Enhencer Audience.

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Boost ROAS for Facebook Ads and Google Ads

Reach AI-based transparent audiences or lookalikes for your Shopify store. Achieve higher campaign conversion and ROAS than ever before.

How to Use?

  • Integrate Enhencer in minutes using just a click of a button, and all the data collection will be done automatically by Enhencer.

  • Enhencer's AI Algorithm will automatically generate the most valuable target audience from the website visitors' data for your marketing campaigns.

  • Create a custom audience in Facebook Ad and Google Ad manager to utilize the target audience provided by Enhencer for the marketing campaigns.


  • Self-learning Dynamic AI-Engine: Obtain the most valuable visitors from your Shopify store visitors with a self-learning dynamic AI-Engine.

  • Transparent segments: Enhencer transparently presents the valuable segments in detail, unlike the other black box tools. Know your audience before launching a campaign.

  • Empower every ad platform: Connect with each ad platform for real-time audience targeting. Focus your ad campaigns on visitors who have a high propensity to buy from your Shopify store. Acquire new customers through more relevant lookalike audiences.

Why Enhencer?

  • Accessibility: Enhencer is the most efficient & easiest tool to boost your Shopify store sales with online ad campaigns.

  • Audience Automation: Enhencer AI-Engine automatically collects and generates the most valuable target audience from your website visitors’ data based on their behavior and automatically updates the audience periodically to accommodate the trend changes.

  • Increase Conversion Rate: Reach out to more relevant audiences for all your marketing campaigns to improve the conversion rate.

  • Increase ROAS: Target the visitors who have a high propensity to buy to decrease the cost of campaigns and increase ROAS.

  • Lower Cost Per Click: Reduce the cost of marketing campaigns with AI-based audiences.

  • Prospecting Audience: Using Enhencer Lookalike Audience reach out and show your ads to the potential customers who haven’t visited your e-commerce website yet. Expand your brand audience and generate more sales using the prospecting audience.

  • Customer Support: Our customer support team is available 24/7 to address any questions you might have.

  • Performance Marketing Expert: Our performance marketing experts are always ready to help you with anything regarding Facebook Ads & Google Ads campaigns. Additionally, they always make sure your audience is always up to date and your campaigns are performing to their full potential.

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January 07, 2022
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