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Maximize your Revenues : The right Product Pricing is one of the most crucial factors influencing the success of your web store.

The perfect Pricing : The Dynamic Repricing by Google ("Google Automated Discounts") enabled by emarketing optimizes automatically 24/7 all product prices.

Repricing by Google : Become a part of Google's Automated Discounts program for optimized prices on Google advertising channels like Google Shopping.

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Munich-based emarketing AG offers a cloud-based software solution for the e-commerce sector.

Via the emarketing cloud platform, online merchants promote their products easily and without expert knowledge on:

Google Shopping Microsoft Bing Meta, i.e. Facebook and Instagram

The emarketing plugin takes care of all the technical tasks, such as creating and updating the product data feed and installing conversion tracking for Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and Facebook & Instagram.

In the emarketing account, Google PMax campaigns, Microsoft Ads campaigns and campaigns on Facebook & Instagram (retargeting, lookalike, cross & upselling) can be set up quickly and easily. All campaigns are automatically and continuously optimized to generate the best possible sales. The emarketing dashboard provides detailed information on all product and performance data. In addition, various tools are available to analyze and improve your own competitiveness: The emarketing price comparison shows the competitor prices on Google Shopping and Amazon for one's own product range and names the cheapest competitor in each case. The results of this price comparison can be used to optimize the product selection for campaigns so that, for example, only products that can be offered at a competitive price are advertised.

Google’s Automated Discounting is a repricing tool using algorithmic data to optimise prices for each merchant to maximise their gross profit.

It works by identifying products and defining the desired min/max price ranges in order to calculate the optimal discount using real-time signals such as, market prices, price elasticity, seasonality trends, estimated delivery day, brand, etc. to optimise seller ROAS.

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September 26, 2018
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