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Engage customers with contextually relevant emails

About Triggered Emails by Swym

Capture : Capture customer shopping journeys in real-time and engage them with contextually relevant messaging

Engage : Bring customers back to your Shopify store with personalized emails and help them pick up where they left off

Delight : Increase sales with automated Browse and Cart abandonment emails enriched with the latest product updates

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What are you doing to make it easy for first-time visitors to come back and buy from you?

Shoppers rarely purchase on their first visit - but a lot of them do spend a significant amount of time browsing your site and researching the products they are interested in buying. The intent to purchase is clearly there, and their shopping journey typically reflects that intent. Shoppers frequently get interrupted or distracted, and they leave without making the purchase even though they might have wanted to. When you bring those shoppers back, there is a high likelihood that they'll make that pending purchase - and that's where Triggered Emails can help. By tailoring the content of your email campaigns automatically to products that the shopper is interested in, the Swym Triggered Emails app can help engage the shopper better and make it easier for them to pick up where they left off. The Swym platform keeps track of the customer’s journey, understand what they are looking to do and personalize these emails based on that context. Install and configure the app in a few simple steps and let the Triggered Emails app work its magic.

Key Features

  • Abandoned Cart reminders - Timely email reminders to shoppers for their abandoned carts, making it easy for them to finish that incomplete purchase
  • Contextual Product alerts - Highly relevant email campaigns with product updates automatically sent to shoppers based on their shopping history
  • Rich insights and analytics - In-depth metrics and reports that show you how your customers are engaging with your email campaigns

How does the Triggered Emails app work? What do I need to do?

When you install the Triggered Emails app, our simple install wizard will guide you through configuring your app settings: * Email settings: From name, email address for sender and optionally, API keys for your Email Service Provider * Trigger rules: Rules you'd like to enable for your store - Abandoned Carts, Price Drop, Low Stock, Back-in-stock etc.

Once these settings are configured, Swym will start capturing data on user interactions as they are happening on your store. We start building a deep user profile for each shopper based on all their interactions, across all their devices. That user context, combined with the latest updates on the products they are interested in becomes the basis of our personalization. We then intelligently overlay that user context with the rules you had configured for your store to dynamically tailor your email campaigns for each shopper

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December 01, 2017
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