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Validate customer email addresses to improve deliverability.

About Email Marker Validation

Use Email Marker : This is the bridge between Email Marker service and your store. You can validate customer data via one of the most popular services.

Reach your needs : Say goodbye to invalid addresses, hard bounces, complaints, spam traps and disposables.

Manage validation results : Use the validation results wherever you need them, just from a customer tag.

Email Marker
Email Marker validation service

Empowered by Email Marker

A trusted solution for your digital marketing needs. Email Marker is a popular service for real-time email verification and email cleaning services.

Validate email addresses to improve deliverability

A lot of emails don’t make it to the inbox of your list due to bunches of invalid or fraudulent email addresses which reduce its deliverability. Email Marker is a quick, perfect and secure email validation service that can help get rid of junk emails from your list, which leads to an increased in clicks and conversions.

Validation results are stored near a customer, as the customer tag

Validated customers are supplemented with a tag that indicates an email status. Possible values are:

  • email:valid
  • email:invalid
  • email:unknown

Strong data effectiveness

Instantly detecting email accounts that are unsafe to send to. Assist you to filter bad emails when you send them.

Increase deliverability

Say goodbye to invalid email addresses, hard bounces, complaints, spam traps, and disposables.

Improved marketing campaign

Effective email validation benefits your marketing campaign by boosting the open rates.

Email verification process

The service verifies email addresses through various validation processes, from RFC syntax inspection to the SMTP testing of user account existence validation:

  • Accurate syntax engine detects invalid email formats and lets the good ones through
  • Systematic spam trap control removes spam traps through various control processes
  • Domain validation removes all email addresses containing invalid/inactive/parked domains
  • Quality domain database ensures the most accurate condition of every email domain
  • Active mail check verifies whether mail to a mailbox will bounce or deliver


EmailMarker is a completely separate service and we do not get anything from them. So you will need to get an EmailMarker API key separately that might cost additionally.

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January 26, 2021
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