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Send your invoices automatically right from your store.

About Email Invoice by Latori

Automatic Invoicing : Create and send your Invoices automatically. Customize your colors and texts individually.

See Invoices : A customer needs information about the invoice? See invoices directly inside of the app.

Attach documents : Attach documents, i.e. your terms & conditions, to the emails automatically.


This Ap will be switched off in March 2020.

Monthly fees

Our Basic Plan includes 30 days trial!

  1. Free: 50 emails (limited) - free
  2. Free Plus: 50 emails (free monthly fee + $0.07 for every additional email)3. Basic: 200 emails $9.99 (+ $0.01 for every additional email

Email-Invoice is your best option when it comes to lower your worries about sending amazing and customizable invoices, making it easy with every single order that is placed in your store.


Email-invoice creates and send an invoice, for every order your store receive, automatically and sends it.

Clean and professional appearance.

You have control over which Build-in template you want to use, and can make the changes in order to fit your store themes.

Your own number

Is having your own invoice number important for the bookkeeping? Your can customise it as you need.

Custom Logo

You can use your own logo in your invoices just by uploading it.

Send Email with everything inside.

Your email will have the ToS, Refund and Privacy policies, up to 4 extra files you may want to add.

You can send you emails as plain text or HTML emails.

There were already orders placed previous the Email-Invoice installation? You can still send those costumers an Online Invoice. Did the costumer ask for another invoice? You can send those Invoices again!

And all of this, without the needing in hiring/contacting your programmer.

Need a special invoice design? Or have questions about our app? Don’t hesitate to contact us through the support section on this page.

Free plan:

Free plan is chosen when you install the app. You can send up to 50 E-Mails within this plan. If you want to send more E-Mails but stay in the free plan, please choose "Free Plus" in the pricing section and you'll get the additional emails ($0.07 / email).

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March 21, 2017
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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