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Automated emails based on orders, products or customers events

About E‑Cloud: Email Automator

Send automated emails : Send emails automatically based on webhook events. Forget about the manual effort everytime an order comes in or a product goes out of stock

Improve your workflow : Sending automatic emails may improve many of your workflows. For example your order fulfillment process or your product re-stock process.

Automate communication : Save a lot of time and improve efficiency by setting rules to automate the communication with your providers and the rest of your team!


Email Automator

Send emails automatically based on Shopify webhook events. Save a huge amount of time and effort every time an order comes in or a product goes out of stock. Automate the communication with the rest of your team by sending automatic emails when a new event happens on your store.

Improve your workflow

Possibilities are unlimited. Re-image your workflow and make some simples rules in Email Automator to automate your flow. Work in automatic while you keep the focus on more important aspects of your business.

Email templating power

You can use any order, product or customer attribute in the email content and subject. The app has a powerful email templating system that lets you use variables like in Shopify liquid templates. It's also pretty simple to use.

Need extra configuration or help?

Do you need some extra criteria or configuration while setting up your rules? Reach to us and we'll add it for you!

Need something else?

Just ask us to build it!

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October 28, 2020
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