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Save hours of work with ELISA : Connect your Shopify to ELISA and save hours each time you host a live show. Why waste time on administration when ELISA can do it for you?

A complete solution : ELISA has all you could possibly need to host successful live events - from integrations to features like abandoned cart messaging.

Scale your live sales quick : Scale your live sales quickly and effortlessly. Whether you get 100 or 1 mil. comments on your live stream videos, ELISA is up for the task.


Connect your Shopify store to ELISA and save hours of work each time you host a live show. The integration allows you to automatically import all your products to ELISA for a smooth and easy live selling experience. With ELISA you can scale your live sales quickly and without much effort.

Your customers can place orders by commenting on your live videos and other content. All carts will be built directly at your Shopify store, and viewers will be sent the link to complete the order.

ELISA is your automated tool for setting up and running live shopping campaigns without a hitch. Our fully automated and ever-improving software solution ELISA makes it easy as pie to create great live shopping experiences for your customers - and to save you precious hours on time-consuming administration such as keeping track of and replying to comments.

You will have access to valuable statistics for each live event – and why rely on gut feelings when you can get access to real-life data with a click of a mouse?

Benefits of ELISA:

● A fully automated and yummy live shopping experience for your customers is guaranteed to make them come back for more.

● Live reminders, so your customers know when you are going live.

● Automatic inventory management to make sure you don’t oversell.

● Personal auto-replies to your customers during your live events.

● Bulk messaging to customers who did not complete their purchase.

● Customer service module to easily answer questions from your viewers.

● Waitlist for customers who were "too late" to buy their desired product.

● Printable price signs.

● Free support from 09:00 to 22:00 (CET) every day including weekends.

Check out our website to book a free demo or start your 14-day free trial with ELISA. You won’t regret it.

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April 15, 2022
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