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About Age Verification | Age Checker

Easier age control : A quick and simple popup makes age verification procedure handy and smooth for users

Better legal compliance : Ensure your age-sensitive content is protected to keep your site compliant to the legislation

More valid clients : Age check ensures only the valid clients on your site to help you raise conversion

Age Verification for a Shopify website by Elfsight

Age Verification app provides you with the option to higher legal compliance of business, with only full aged users. Your users will be given the option to easier age verification via a handy popup on the web page.

Awesome Age Checker app on Shopify website in a few minutes!

Set your age control fast and easy

Our widget will automatically appear on your site and request users to verify their age to allow or deny access to the site. All you need to do is to enter the age limit, choose one of three verification methods, and add the text of the message. The age check is ready! You can also choose a scenario for underaged visitors - show a message or redirect to another page or site.

Make verification handy for users

To provide the handiest experience you can set the widget to remember returning visitors and skip the verification for them during a selected time. We also made it possible to embed the age check on particular pages instead of the whole site to help keep visitors. If you want to share the terms of use, you can add a link to them for immediate redirect.

Adjust the interface style

With our widget, your age verification popup will stay in style. You can upload an overlay image that will the website content, display company logo, and add any picture to the popup. Vary thу colors of the text, button, and backgrounds, a chosen font size of the message and additional info.

And many more features:

  • Show age verification popup at page load
  • Set the age restriction
  • Display the age check on all website or on particular pages
  • Exclude the pages where you don’t need the verification
  • Choose one of three verification methods: date of birth, year of birth, a question with Yes and No options
  • The option to remember a visitor for any amount of time in days
  • Two scenarios for underage visitors: show a custom message or redirect to any address
  • Enter the text of the message in the verification window
  • Show additional text with links supported under the verification button
  • Enter the text of button caption
  • Set your own text for Yes and No buttons
  • Upload your company logo to show it above the message
  • Upload any picture to add to the verification window
  • An option to upload an overlay background image to hide the website content
  • Choose font sizes and colors
  • Paint overlay and popup backgrounds to your taste
  • Set colors for buttons

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