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Customer view : This is a detailed view of a unique customer, with social media data and purchase history.

Account overview : Detailed overview of the account, purchasing stats are shown in your mission control view.

Marketing Automation scripts : Marketing Automation section of your account where you can create fully customisable scenarios for your customers.


edrone is a CRM for the new wave of eCommerce: we provide the merchants AI/ML-powered tools to understand the customer needs better, cross/up-sell, improve recommendations, or simply build a mutually beneficial bond between a seller and a buyer.

Highlighted features:

AI-powered product recommendations - Leverage customer data into the most precise, targeted product recommendations possible. Create a fully personalized shopping experience and optimize clicks, views and conversions.

20+ Plug n Play Marketing Automation Scenarios - You can always create your own marketing automation scenarios if you want, but we have all of the most common ones already set up and ready to go. Just add your own details, customize them as you want and launch!

Personalized newsletter campaigns - Merge tags, use dynamic elements and personalized product recommendations to craft the right message for every newsletter recipient.

Pop-ups & Weblayers - Maybe the most tried and tested form of messaging of all, the classic pop-up survives because it gets results. They’re especially effective in driving newsletter subscriptions but can be deployed in a number of ways that will add to your bottom line. Try out also Weblayers - personalized banners that can be displayed on any page of your site and are a great way to deepen engagement and drive interest in certain pages and products.

Facebook Ads - Set up and launch highly targeted advertising campaigns on the world’s biggest social media platform. You’ll have full control over all the metrics and craft all the details of your latest effort to boost sales, reach, leads and likes.

After-sale - Keep the conversation going with customers after a purchase with automated messaging to stay top of mind and enhance the customer experience. Say thank you, inform them of upcoming events or promotions, provide educational material for their purchase or anything else.

And over 50 more.

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March 29, 2017
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