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Integrated multi-channel supply chain management solution

About Skupreme

Generate sales forecasts : Perform sales forecasts to predict supply chain movements when you need to restock

Track shipments by SKU : Track shipments from vendor to fulfillment center

Sync catalog across markets : Sync catalog attributes and inventory across marketplaces


Skupreme enables brands & retailers to gain centralized control over inventory management.

Tracking your supply chain in real-time allows you to know when and where your goods are at all times. So you are perfectly stocked and always stocked.

Your Shopify store remains the source of data and controls your products and inventory in Skupreme, while marketplace orders are sent back to your Shopify store for fulfillment.

Getting started is fast and easy: Install the Skupreme app and your Shopify products are automatically imported into Skupreme. Skupreme starts automatically syncing to your supply chain.

Multi-Channel: Connect multiple marketplaces to one Skupreme account.

Listing Management: Manage listings in one centralized dashboard. Push and synch changes with one click to all marketplaces.

Automatic Inventory Sync: Always display accurate inventory information to customers and avoid backorders.

Inventory Alerts: Get notified when you're running low on inventory so you always stay in stock.

Purchase Orders: Automatically generate purchase orders based on Inventory Alerts.

Super-Fast Inventory Sync: Whenever and wherever a sale happens, Skupreme automatically adjusts and syncs inventory to avoid overselling of products you no longer have in stock.

Multi-Warehouse Support: Sync to your 3PL or local warehouse to provide accurate inventory data and insights at all times.

Fulfillment By Amazon: Skupreme integrates with FBA and other fulfillment providers then

Advanced Order Routing: Build your order routing logic with full automation so you maximize customer fulfillment opportunities while minimizing expenses. Centralize fulfillment: Marketplace orders get sent to your Shopify store so you can fulfill all orders from a single interface.

Marketplaces: Amazon eBay Etsy Google Reverb

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Launch date
August 12, 2021

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