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Print on demand for ethical brands - organic & vegan

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CREATE YOUR PRODUCTS IN ADMIN : Create your products directly in your Shopify store. Choose from our selection of retail ready sustainable products. Organic and Vegan

ALL PRINTED WITH ECO INKS : All of your products, labels and packaging will be printed with environmentally friendly inks in a sustainable award winning studio.

ALL PACKAGING IS ECO FRIENDLY : We pack your orders in recyclable and compostable packaging and ship it direct to your customers.


Eco Merch App

Having focussed on sustainable and ethical products for retail since the start, Eco Merch has a wealth of experienced in ethical garment supply. All printing is carried out in a studio powered by renewable energy, with biodegradable environmentally friendly inks, and crucially, Eco Merch only prints on organic cotton and other sustainable fabrics. No conventional cotton is allowed on site and no non-water based inks have ever been allowed.

Along with the finest selection of the most sustainable blank clothing, Eco Merch can provide the following added value to your products (all purchased separately):

  • Custom organic cotton or recycled polyester labels
  • Custom recycled packaging
  • Custom recycled swing tags

How the App works:

Once the application is installed, Eco Merch will have to approve the shopfront.

Once the shop is approved, you'll have access to a sustainable, ethically sourced and vegan product range which you can add your own designs to.

Please note that the cost is specific to the agreement you have with us and that it should be adjusted.

To do so, open the application, and choose one of the four options: Add Products, Create Single Products, Create Multiple Products, View my Orders.

Add Products: This option allows you to sell the base products without any modification on your storefront. Simply choose a category, click on the products you desire, and they'll be added to your Products tab (Blank products will be branded with Eco Merch branding).

Create Single Products: This option allows you to create custom print on demand products and add them to your store, based on the base products available. Create Product will open a customisation window, where you can add text fields, image files, and choose size options. Once you are satisfied, you can hit the next option, give it a new name/description/price, and save the product to your store; where upon it'll be added to your Products tab.

Create Multiple Products: This option allows you to create a general customisation which will be applied to all the products. You can add text or images to this design. Once you are satisfied, it will apply this design to all products available. You can then choose which products you would like to sell with your design and either add it directly to your Products tab, or edit any given product until you're happy; then add it.

View my Orders: This options shows you what's happening with any order of any product created in this method. As Eco Merch processes these orders externally, this page will allow you to track the progress of any order made using this system.

Any order made with a product added from this app will be sent to Eco Merch's workflow, whereupon it will be printed and shipped to your customer.

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February 19, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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