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Next Level Loyalty, Membership : Are you outgrowing your simple loyalty system? Eber is for serious brands like yours to run a loyalty program like global brands.

Comprehensive Integration : Our Shopify integration can automate member sign-ups, points issuance, reward redemptions - automate actions based on profile and spending.

All-In-One, Multi-Stores : Get a 360-view of customers, run marketing, referrals, and more. This also works for physical stores.


Who is Eber Shopify solution for?

  • Stores that have outgrown their basic, simple point system.
  • Anyone looking for a solution that can handle your loyalty program like global brands.
  • Anyone looking to save time and money from running multiple solutions. Eber can easily integrate with the tools you love using.
  • Stores that are looking for a 360-view of customers with a comprehensive profile - beyond basic shopper info.
  • Points, rewards, spending history, messages, and notes all in one place.
  • Anyone looking to sell on other shopping carts, PoS, offline or multiple Shopify stores - bringing all members, points and rewards together as one program.

Feature Highlights

  • Automated Integration - Once installation is activated after your testing, new shoppers will be automatically added after they make a purchase on your online store or Shopify PoS. Points will be automatically issued. You may set an automatic reminder to be sent to members to remind them about available rewards. Members can claim rewards with their points and discount codes are automatically generated. Members can apply the discount code right within the Customer Portal.
  • Spending Analytics - Spending history is attached with members so you can refer to them and use them for campaign and customer segmentation.
  • Targeted Campaigns - Target customers based on profile, spending and other parameters. You can even design rewards based on customer groups and member tiers.
  • Rewarding Your Members - Automate welcome messages and rewards. Send birthday wishes and benefits at the exact time you want.
  • Customer Portal - A customisable customer portal for your members to view their benefits, history, and perform actions such as redemption.

Why Global Brands Love Eber

  • Highly Customisable - From branding to your program structure, Eber is built with customisation in mind.
  • Multi-tier Management - Group your customers with tiers, tagging, segments.
  • Multiple Integrations - We are ready for brands that run more than one store, whether online and offline, with multiple marketing tools and other softwares.
  • Enterprise Features - Multi-Currency, Audit Log, Role Based Control, Customised PoS Integrations & more.

How to Start?

  • 1. Install
  • 2. Preview & test - Ask for a friendly assistant
  • 3. Go live!


  • How can shoppers access their member program? Shoppers can access their member information via a widget that appears at the corner of your Shopify store. You can also opt to link them to the Customer Portal from one of your menu links.

  • How to manage the program? You can manage the program at Eber Admin Portal at xm.eber.

  • What if we are an enterprise and need something more? Just connect with us to discuss your customised needs.

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August 11, 2017
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