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About Easy Job Posting

Career page builder : With attractive job descriptions & smart application forms, you can attract the right candidates & screen them to identify your next hire.

Get more control : Whenever you want, you can post jobs, screen, shortlist and contact applicants from the data received & thus manage all hiring steps smooth.

Save time : With multiple functionality it makes hiring more efficient and saves a lot of time.


Hiring managers spend valuable time evaluating and interviewing candidates and even then may end up hiring the wrong person for the job. So, all the energy and time spent on hiring goes to waste. With Easy Job Posting, we do not guarantee that you will get the right person, but we can say for sure that the hiring process will be far easier, efficient and will save you precious time. And in this age, time is money.

Easy Job Posting is built specifically for merchants looking to hire new employees. Easy Job Posting is a recruitment marketing application that will provide you with all the necessary tools to attract the right candidates and make recruitment an easy process. It will help you create a career page, job posting, application form, and with all relevant data in one place it can help in applicant tracking.

By installing it, you can set up a careers page in no time at all. Whenever there is an opening, merchants can give accurate and detailed job descriptions to make sure only suitable candidates apply. Merchants can advertise for their business or brand by giving useful information about their company/business, its culture, and what it does, to give applicants an idea about the work environment.

You can not only place job posts but also manage each phase of the recruitment process efficiently. Merchants can show applicants the available jobs, their relevant job descriptions and create an application form through which job seekers can apply. When the candidates will apply, the data of the client/applicant such as his/her name, email, date of birth, address, phone number, CNIC, qualification and experience is collected and can be reviewed. This useful data will help you to evaluate and get in touch with the job applicants. With information on their experience and resume in your hand, you can gauge their strong and weak points, review their skills to see which applicant best matches the job requirement.

Once this is done, you reach the final stage of hiring. On the form, you can change the status of the applicant and give your verdict. You have the option to change your status to interviewed, shortlisted and selected. Easy Job Posting helps merchants hire in less time, as it streamlines all the recruitment processes for you. So make your job easier and download it now to find your perfect hire!

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May 05, 2021
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