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Launch a complete advertising funnel that converts

About Easy Ads for Facebook Ads

Launch Effective Ads Easily : Let the app create an effective advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram to target top audiences with personalized ads that convert.

Turn Traffic into Sales : Utilize the full advertising funnel strategy to transform your website visitors into paying customers and eventually, loyal brand advocates.

Leverage Top Strategy & AI : Easy Ads AI will detect areas for improvement and automatically optimize your advertising budget to decrease ad spend loss and scale ROI.

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Are you a small business owner struggling to get sales? Have you tried Facebook advertising before with no luck?

What if you could easily launch ads, increase your website traffic, and get consistent sales throughout the year?

Enter Easy Ads for Facebook!

Easily Create a Winning Ad Campaign

Easy Ads for Facebook uses the advertising funnel methodology and AI to attract only the people interested in your products and turn them into loyal customers.

Its signature campaign model enables you to target new audiences and retarget sales-qualified prospects to move them through the advertising funnel:

  • TOF (TOP-Of-Funnel): Awareness ads boost your website traffic and nurture your marketing funnel with new people that may be interested in your products.

  • MOF (Middle-Of-Funnel): Consideration ads increase your ATCs (Add To Carts) and remind prospects of products they liked.

  • BOF (Bottom-Of-Funnel): Conversion ads enable you to get your first order and grow consistent sales throughout the year.

  • BONUS: Loyalty ads increase your customers' LTV (Lifetime Value) and turn first-time customers into loyal clients.

With Easy Ads for Facebook, you don't need to:

  • Design images or film videos for ads, AI uses creatives from your store.
  • Create audiences, AI will find & build effective audiences for you.
  • Create a product feed or catalog, AI will generate one for you.
  • Watch your budget every day, AI will decrease/increase your budget based on performance.

Scale Your Sales With AI Optimizations

Easy Ads for Facebook uses AI to help you spend less time optimizing ads, and even less money by automatically decreasing the budget of bad-performing ads. It's trained to identify top-performing ads and increase its budget strategically, to boost your sales and maximize your ROAS.

Measure Your Performance with a Simple Dashboard

Get the key metrics that help you quickly understand how your business is performing and make data-driven decisions.


What is a funnel?

A funnel represents how a potential customer goes from becoming aware of your brand to purchasing your product.

What is an advertising funnel?

An adaptation of the traditional conversion funnel. The advertising funnel is defined by its three stages; TOF (Top-Of-Funnel); when a person becomes aware of your brand, MOF (Middle-Of-funnel); when a person becomes interested in your product, and BOF (Bottom-Of-Funnel); when a person purchases your product.

I run a one-product store. Can I still use Easy Ads for Facebook?

Yes. You can use Easy Ads for Facebook to launch a full advertising funnel for your one-product store.

My ad account is disabled. Can I still use your app?

Unfortunately no. Easy Ads for Facebook uses the official Meta API, which requires an active ad account

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August 30, 2022
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Speed tested: no impact to your online store

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