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Sync stock between products and variants having duplicate SKUs

About Duplicate SKU Sync | POS Sync

Realtime SKU Sync : Keep stock levels synced between items having same SKUs. Never oversell again. Stop manually updating inventory after each order.

Grow Your Store Via Duplicates : Duplicate SKUs help to diversify catalog, improve SEO & marketing, create bundles and manage multichannel selling.

POS And Online Sync : Sell same physical items online and on POS or other sales channels with different pricing. Stock quantity remains common and in sync.

Duplicate SKU Sync

Duplicate SKU Sync App helps to keep the inventories of products and variants having the same SKU in sync.

Why have duplicate SKUs?

  1. Selling Common Items: For example, you might sell unisex flip flops and have them listed on Shopify as both a men's size 8 and a women's size 10.

  2. SEO: You can create multiple listings for the same item but under different titles, descriptions, and meta keywords for improving SEO.

  3. Marketing: Duplicate listings with different keywords can be used as landing pages to target different audiences.

  4. Bundling: If you're selling 1. camera and 2. bundle of the camera with an online photography course then you can easily keep the inventory in sync by giving the standalone camera and bundle both the same SKU.

  5. Multichannel Selling: If you have listed an item on Shopify online store as well as POS (Point of Sale) and want to have different pricing. You can duplicate the item, assign the same SKUs but different prices, and then list one on the online store and the other on POS.

In all such cases, you will want to keep stock synced for all duplicated items since they are actually the same physical item.

Duplicate SKU Sync App

The app reads the orders on your Shopify store. If it finds an order item having a duplicate SKU, then all the duplicate items will be updated with the same inventory. All this happens in less than a minute, so it's near real-time. This ensures that the duplicate SKU inventories are in sync and you don't have to manually update the inventory each time you sell one.

Ease to Use

You simply have to install the app and activate sync with a click of a button. No manual installation or complicated setup.

Build for Scale

The app can handle thousands of duplicate SKUs and any number of orders without a worry.

Sync History

Each duplicate SKU inventory update is logged and can be viewed in the app dashboard

Restock Inventory

You can restock and update the inventory of all the same SKUs together with a single click via the app dashboard.

Multi-location Sync

If your items are distributed across multiple locations - no problem. The app will match stock levels for duplicate SKUs at each location.

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January 06, 2021
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