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Automate order processing : Fully automate your multi-supplier order flow so that you can spend more time growing (and enjoying) your business.

Scale your business faster : Easily manage more orders and vendors with fewer resources.

Serve your customers better : Sync inventory and tracking data with vendors. Get clearer visibility into supplier operational performance.

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The Duoplane connector for Shopify seamlessly integrates your Shopify store with your Duoplane account to automate communications with all of your dropship suppliers and 3PL warehouses.

Fully automated multi-supplier order routing

  • No-touch order processing: Send orders to your suppliers with zero effort. Duoplane connects to Shopify and automatically splits orders into vendor purchase orders, routing them to the right supplier or warehouse. Tracking information flows back to Shopify and to your customer.
  • Customized for each supplier or warehouse: Send purchase orders to suppliers as PDFs, configurable CSV / Excel files, or in custom XML, JSON, or EDI formats. Duoplane even supports integrations with supplier APIs.
  • Support for all types of vendors: Whether your supplier is a small company with limited technical ability, or if they are a large distributor with strict integration requirements, Duoplane can help.

Vendor portal and collaboration tools

  • Vendor portal: Give your suppliers access to their own vendor portal to keep everyone on the same page and to reduce miscommunications.
  • Vendor-managed orders: Using the portal, vendors can self-manage their orders, including confirming POs, entering tracking, and even invoicing you. That’s less data entry on your part.
  • Messaging right on the order page: Send and manage notes to vendors right from the order record so that everyone knows what is going on.
  • Late order alerts: Request order status from vendors with a click of a button.

Complete order management system

  • Clear and concise dashboard: The Duoplane dashboard shows you key order stats, and highlights the items that need your immediate attention.
  • Returns management: Issue return authorizations (RMAs) and track returns. Duoplane manages the entire process, whether the return is headed to your inventory or to your vendor's warehouse.
  • Issue tracker: Track order exceptions so that you can keep your customers happy and your business running smoothly.
  • Performance metrics and vendor scorecarding: See detailed profitability and operational metrics to provide vendors with objective feedback.

Inventory and shipment syncing

  • Inventory management: Use vendor inventory feeds to keep track of inventory levels at your suppliers. Reduce backorders and out-of-stock situations. Sync inventory across all of your connected selling channels.
  • Shipment feeds: Automate the retrieval of tracking from your vendors.

Accounting automation and vendor invoice reporting

  • Integrate seamlessly with your accounting system to transfer vendor invoice data automatically. (Professional, Premium, or Enterprise plans)
  • Remove the need to manually enter or reconcile invoices.
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August 06, 2014
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