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Drop shipping has never been easier!

About Droshi EU Dropshipping

AUTOMATIC ORDER FLOW : No hassle with order management, install our plug-in and let Droshi together with Shopify do it for you.

RATED SUPPLIERS : We carefully select our premium suppliers and if they misbehave you'll see it with our rating system so you always know what to expect.

BEST DROP SHIPPING SOLUTION : Compared to our competitors we're the best, the cheapest and most reliable drop shipping service in the world.


Automatic order flow

When installing Droshi to your Shopify store you make drop shipping smooth and easy. All your order flows from your shop into Droshi and then to the supplier selling the product and it’s all automatic.

Stock value

Working with drop shipping can be a real hassle. Often you never know the number of products your supplier has at their warehouse and if you do you often have to check it or upload it manually. Droshi makes integrations to all the connected suppliers checking the stock amount at least once a day, often more!

All your suppliers in one place

Dealing with a lot of dropshipping suppliers takes time. You have to send emails, make calls, negotiate prices, check stock inventory, send orders manually and keep track of all the payment accounts for them all. We solve this, taking care of every little bit of your headache. You only have one account to keep in mind, orders go automatically, and we have strong relationships with our suppliers always working to get you the lowest prices. If you have a supplier we do not have, you’re always welcome to introduce us to them and we can work towards getting them in the system an automate all the orders for you.

A growing product assortment

When using Droshi you will notice that products get added at least once a month, though we often do it on a weekly basis. We never stop hunting for new suppliers with awesome products for you to sell in your store. Our goal is to be the biggest, the best and the only drop shipping service you will ever need to use.

Merchant will pay for products.

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December 19, 2019

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