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A dropshipping solution to streamline your shipping process

About Dropshipping Manager

Filter Orders by Vendor & Date : Filter the orders you receive by your vendors with our dropshipping app to stay on top of the fulfillment of shipments.

Export/Import Orders : No need to add one fulfillment at a time. Easily import orders from your vendors or export order fulfillment statuses to them using our app

Mass Fulfillment of Orders : Save time otherwise spent in uploading mass order fulfillment. Now just add a CSV file sent by your vendors in your backend with the app


About AppJetty Dropshipping Manager

Simplify your shipment management greatly with AppJetty Dropshipping Manager Simply integrate this dropshipping manager tool in your store backend and take off your dropshipping-based e-store.

It has got different features viz:

Support for Different Order Filters

Besides vendor-wise order filtering, our AppJetty Dropshipping Manager also supports:

  • Date-wise order filtering
  • Fulfillment status wise order filtering

Support for Different File Formats

Import or export order data in various file formats including:

  • CSV
  • XlSX
  • ODS

you can easily upload your order fulfillment sheet in any format you prefer and send it to your vendors.

Email Your Order List

Choose to send your order list straight via an email to your vendor(s) and update them about the orders they need to fulfill through our AppJetty’s dropshipping app.

Manual Order Fulfillment

Get to manage order fulfillments manually in case you have only a few orders and don’t need to update order fulfillments in bulk.

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April 14, 2020
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