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In Beta. Price Discovery and Value in Seconds.

About Dropit Auctions

Discover true sales value : For high value, high demand, and/or scarce products. Dropit uses demand driven price discovery to help realize the true value of your goods.

Unique customer experiences : Drop the clock, feel the FOMO, and witness your sales fly. Generate hype and demand while engaging customers in a totally unique experience.

Simple setup, trial for free : Download and start running reverse auctions on your store for free. Tailor your auctions and get success support every step of the way.


Run fast and competitive reverse auctions with Dropit, where hype-driven demand fuels customers to win and buy their desired item. A uniquely epic customer experience like no other. Your customers experience FOMO in real time, competing in the race to buy, while you watch your sell-through soar.

Designed to handle thousands of customers, sit on the edge of your seat and watch Dropit Auctions dynamically create and manage fast and competitive reverse auctions and high demand transactions.

Once the drop starts the theatre begins. The clock will tick down 60 seconds as your customers watch the price fall triggering them into action. There can only be one winner - the first customer to click BUY NOW wins the drop auction and is moved through to checkout to purchase at their bid price – provided it is above your reserve price.

Perfectly suited for rare and scarce items, like digital collectables and event ticketing. Let Dropit Auctions drive hype, urgency, and sales through the thrill of the chase and the excitement of the win.

How it works

  1. Simple setup – No development needed for Shopify stores. Runs via an iframe on a Shopify page. Checkout is handled via your Shopify checkout.
  2. Tailor your drop auctions – Select a product from your catalogue, the reserve price (the lowest price the product will drop to) and select the start time.
  3. Ready, set, drop – Watch the hype and FOMO build as the auction drops from your set price to your hidden reserve.
  4. Secure the product – There can only be one winner - the fastest customer to choose their price and select buy now wins the right to purchase the product.
  5. Bingo! - The winning customer is sent to checkout to purchase the product at the winning price.
  6. Unsuccessful viewers get sent to the next auction to propel conversion and revenue.
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Launch date
June 01, 2022
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Top features

Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

Up-to-date tech: works with the latest themes

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