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About DropVoice

Unique Checkout Experience : Add a voice to your products. Once the customer pays, they will be able to listen to a voice note about each product they just purchased.

Stronger Customer Relationship : Make your customers feel special by giving them unique information about your products that they otherwise would never see or read about.

Give Customers Insight : Let customers know you donate a percentage of sales to a specific cause and that you appreciate their purchase.

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What is Dropvoice?

DropVoice is a post-purchase voice app for merchants to create a more humanized experience for their customers.

We believe that pop-ups, email captures, and SMS have their place in the customer journey. We also believe that we can supercharge that experience at the end of the customer's shopping experience with a voice memo about the product(s) they purchased.

Customers will feel:

  • More connected.
  • More educated about the product.
  • More in tune with your brand.

Improve the customer's post-purchase experience by attaching a unique voice note to each of your products.

  • Use your phone to record a quick 15-30 second voice memo, upload it to DropVoice, and attach it to a specific product.

  • Every time a new customer purchases that product from your store, they will see a voice memo that they can listen to for unique information about it.

  • We will also send that voice memo as an email and SMS message on the day that their product is delivered.

Let’s be real: people’s attention span is shrinking, so we want to make sure the customer can hold the product and listen to the voice memo at the same time.

Some examples of voice notes:

  • “Thank you for purchasing {{product name}}, I really think that you are going to love it because {{some unique reason or use case}}”.

  • “Thank you for purchasing from our store, I just wanted to let you know that we donate 10% of all the proceeds to a {{some charity}}”.

  • “Thank you for purchasing {{product name}}, since you took the time to listen to this voice memo I would like to offer you an exclusive discount code for your next purchase — write this down”.


  • The customer receives an SMS message when the product is delivered. The product shows up at your door, and the SMS message pops up on their phone. We believe that timing is everything for a great experience.

  • You can change voice memo’s at any time inside your store admin.

  • Every time a product with a voice memo is purchased, we add the voice memo to the customer's account page. When they log in, they can listen to it again if they need to.

Stats and analytics:

  • You can see how many emails have been sent to your customers.
  • You can see how many SMS messages have been sent to your customers.
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October 07, 2022
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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