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About Dotdigital Email Marketing

Marketing automation : Manage the whole customer journey from one platform. Automate and personalize at scale, using email marketing, SMS, social, chat & more.

Ecommerce specialists : Improve ROI with actionable commerce intelligence. Our advanced range of ecommerce tools means you'll never miss another conversion.

Grow your online store : Scale and grow in line with your business. Dotdigital's evolutionary tech helps you increase AOV, lifetime value, revenue and marketing ROI.

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From email marketing to full omnichannel marketing orchestration, Dotdigital helps brands globally acquire, convert, and retain customers. Connect your Shopify store to Dotdigital and put customer, subscriber, product and order data at your fingertips.

Once you've set up your Dotdigital for Shopify integration, you can build automated journeys with data-driven marketing programs. Boost your ROI with abandoned cart, dynamic coupon codes, AI-powered product recommendations, advanced personalization and of course omnichannel marketing automation programs. Just drag & drop – it's that simple.

Dotdigital's omnichannel marketing automation tools

Maximize customer engagement and sales orders through optimum message frequency, send time, and channel type.

  1. Email marketing - Send timely, personalized, and engaging messages to your customers using our smart WYSIWYG editor.

  2. Marketing automation - Automate lifecycle marketing campaigns based on your customer behavior. There's 30+ ready-to-go automation templates too!

  3. SMS - Deliver order updates and broadcast marketing via SMS.

  4. Chat - Get instant access to resolve queries, offer swift customer service, and turn buying intent into sales.

  5. Social re-targeting - Start one-to-one conversations and win back website visitors with Google Ads, Facebook Audiences and more.

  6. Forms and landing pages - Capture customer data with surveys to boost list growth and relevancy. Design branded landing pages that get customers to act fast.

AI-driven product recommendations

Introducing newbies to your bestsellers, existing customers to your hottest drops, or recent shoppers to their best-next purchase, our AI-powered product recommendations always drive the next sale.

Understand and utilize customer data

Use Dotdigital's powerful Commerce intelligence tools to take control of the customer lifecycle with more data. Track KPIs at a glance and deep-dive into the movements of your commerce personas for highly relevant marketing.

Multi-store support: Build your empire all from one place

Whether it’s a new product range, or stores in different territories across the globe, multi-store support encourages businesses that want to scale. Connect more than one Shopify storefront and enjoy your data and reporting in one centralized location.

Shopify Flow connector

Turn store-based events into powerful marketing opportunities with the Dotdigital for Shopify Flow connector.

Some Shopify customers using Dotdigital

ICONIC London, Olivia von Halle, Chinti & Parker, Pacifica, GODIVA, Slendertone, CALIBRE, brush-baby,...

We support Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Malaysian, Portuguese, and more.

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