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Doorhub Delivery integration app for partners

About Doorhub delivery

On Demand : On-Demand 45 min delivery service. Don’t let your customers wait. Delivery within 45 minutes all weekdays. When you want to be fast.

Quick Commerce : Quick-Commerce delivery service, deliver goods to customers in a few hours. when you need affordable and fast delivery.

Same Day : Same-Day delivery service, your customer care people have less pressure. In large delivery area. Deliver goods in the same day.


What is Doorhub

Doorhub delivery system can deliver your goods. Deliver goods from store to customer or from the warehouses to the stores. Our advanced technology makes it possible to offer cost-effective and fast delivery. Throughout new thinking of last-mile transportation, we create the preconditions to bring e-commerce in front of a highly competitive market. We combine deliveries and route optimization so you can offer your customers the fastest delivery in the market. Doorhub solution fits any size of business.


  1. On-Demand: deliver your goods on average 45 minutes.
  2. Quick-Commerce: deliver your goods in a few hours.
  3. Same-Day: deliver your goods on the same day.

How does this application do?

After you installed this app, and you entered the "API_KEY" and "STORE_ID", when the customers of your website checkout and the customer's address is in Doorhub's delivery area, your customer will see the Doorhub services in delivery methods with prices. So they can choose what Doorhub service delivery they want.

This application features:

  1. Use Custom Delivery Cost: Choose if you want a fixed delivery price.
  2. Free Delivery: Choose if you want when a customer order more than a specific price, will have a free delivery


  1. Find the app in the Shopify store, and install the app.
  2. Contact doorhub to get "API_KEY" and "STORE_ID".
  3. Enter "API_KEY" and "STORE_ID" to the app's settings. and press the save button.
  4. When a customer chose one of Doorhub services for delivery and placed an order, when you "fulfill" the order, the order will place in the Doorhub's system.
  5. Doorhub will take care of sending SMS tracking link to the customer.
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November 18, 2021
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Seamless workflow: use directly in Shopify admin

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