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Calculated shipping rates based on rate per mile or kilometer

About Distance Based Shipping Rates

Calculate by Route Distance : Use route distance to create shipping calculators for any type of over-the-road shipping service such as courier or truckload freight.

Calculate by Straight Line : Use straight line distance to create shipping calculators for transportation providers that don't use roads such as air or ocean freight.

Flexible Settings : For each calculator, set the rate/mile or km, the minimum and maximum quote amounts, and the weight range for which to offer the rate.

Example of different calculated shipping rates


This app identifies the distance between the ship-from and ship-to addresses and calculates a shipping rate based on a rate per unit of measure (Kilometers or Miles) specified in the app settings.

Common Features Available On All Plans

All plans have the same common feature set. The plans differ only by the number of transactions provided.

  • Supported origins: Anywhere in the world with a valid street address recognized by the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Supported destinations: Anywhere in the world with a valid street address recognized by the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Distance determined by "Route" or "Straight Line". Route distance is available only if the origin and destination addresses can be serviced by an over-the-road transportation method recognized by the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Create one or more calculated shipping methods and name each one according to your needs.
  • Specify a weight range for each calculated shipping method. The app will only return the calculated shipping rate if the total weight of the cart falls within the range.

Typical Use Cases

Using a distance-based shipping calculator is an excellent alternative when real-time shipping quotes aren't available. Good examples include: Same day delivery services; Local delivery services; Courier services; Self-delivery service; Truckload (Full Truckload) service; Partial truckload service; Refrigerated truckload service; Flatbed truckload service; Intermodal freight; Airfreight; Ocean freight; White-glove delivery service; Time-critical freight.

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December 09, 2021
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